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I truly believe one of my purposes in life is to tell stories and leave a legacy for the people I portrait.

About me

Based in Guadalajara, México
27 years old
9w1 in the ennegram
wife, daughter, sister and friend



An energetic, extrovert-introvet ready to spend time with you and yours

You can call me Ju

My inspiration comes from people, I focus all my work on the genuine story of each one of them. For me, every story has this sense of magic and mistery. I get crazy about aesthetic things like warm tones, light through trees and windows, landscaspes, collages, sunsets, old houses, blue hour —The everyday surrounds us and is precious.

who i love.

Meet the love of my life and total crush: my husband, Ivan. It is crazy how us both love almost the same things. I am so happy that I found my best friend, cheerleader, museum companion, favorite artist…all in one.

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We are creating our own family, which makes me so happy to tears.

I am very grateful to God for this good life.

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He is the most supportive husband, even if that means to wait without a couch for months until we find the perfect one. (I am all about aesthetic in our department #sorrynotsorry) 

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Plus he is the talented videographer behind Judith Castro wedding films. I am so glad we can do this together.

favorite things.

My favorite things ever include: the nature, traveling, visiting the place where I spent most of my chilhood time: Colima, cooking (not even close to be an expert), camping (I was a girl scout), watching a Netflix Marathon with my husband, taking Pita (our dog) to a walk, making collage, visiting museums, and yes, in the top of this list,  being with my people, friends and family. 

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My photographs have been published by Elle Magazine Mexico, Vogue Mexico, L’OFFICIEL Mexico, Cream Magazine, A by Andares, Latest Magazines, and other online magazines. 

2022 Top 20 wedding photographer in Mexico (Published in Frida Enamorada)

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